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Rum is a spirit distilled from fermented sugarcane juice and/or molasses, a brown and thick sugar syrup with minerals and other elements, which contribute the final flavor in rum. 

There are 3 basic steps during the elaboration of this tropical spirit:


During this process yeast and water is added to the base ingredient allowing fermentation.


Some producers distillate the fermented sugarcane using pot stills or column stills. All Rum comes clear out of the still followed by the aging process, which will determine the final color.

Aging and Blending

Rum needs to be aged for at least one year, normally in used bourbon casks, but also in stainless steel tanks or other types of wooden casks. When Rum is aged in oak casks, it becomes dark. When it's aged in stainless steel tanks, it remains colorless.

As a final step, rum is then blended with other rums to ensure a consistent flavor. Light rums are filtered to remove any color and for dark rums, caramel is added to adjust the final product color.

Types of Rum