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'It is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world, it exists since thousands of years ago, deliciously refreshing when drinking cool, very popular during any kind of events, since showers to grand balls.'

Mostly composed by water, beer contains three basic ingredients: starch which generally comes from malted barley (to be fermented); yeast (to produce fermentation); and hops (for flavoring).

There are many ways to create this excellent drink, however the traditional process is called brewing.

Brewing means to convert the starch source, which is normally malted barley into a sugary liquid called wort, and then to ferment wort using yeast into the alcoholic beverage known as beer.

In many places of the world, this famous drink is also produced with a mixture of maize, rice or sugar and ingredients added such as millet, sorghum, cassava root, potato and agave.