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A delicious fruit of the apple tree. It is used in cocktails freshly cut, as puree, or sliced to garnish or adding its flavor. Different varieties may be found: green 'Granny Smith', red 'MacIntosh', yellow 'Ginger Gold'.


Common fruit of warm climates, used in blended cocktails.

Black Currants

Black currants are berries native from northern Europe and northern Asia. Very popular in France as main ingredient in 'Crème de Cassis'.


Dark, purple, edible fruit, with smooth and fragile skin. It's base of liqueurs, schnapps, and syrups.

Blood Orange

A variety of orange with blood-colored flesh and tartar flavor.


Dark blue-colored berries.


Cherry is a classic fruit, it's red or dark-red skinned, has a blood-red flesh color and intense flavor. It's suitable for eating raw, it's commonly used in Liqueurs and Brandies, and used in cocktails for garnishing, as a component such as: purée, and syrup.

Cherry Tomato

This is a small variety of tomato and very useful to garnish some cocktails for its bright color and round shape.


It's a berry fruit with a strong acidic taste, and deep red colored when fully ripe.



A sweet, edible fruit which can be used as ingredient or garnish in cocktail recipes that require it so. It can be consumed fresh or dry.


Popular fruit for garnishing many wine based cocktails. 

Used varieties in cocktails:

Concord Grapes.- Dark blue or purple have large seeds and are highly aromatic. They're generally used as table grapes, wine grapes and juice grapes.


A large, round, yellow citrus fruit with bitter-acid flavor and juicy pulp. Rich in vitamin C.



Citrus yellow round fruit, very juicy and acid. Known as citron, citroen, or lemon. See lemon juice.


Citrus fruit, smaller than lemons with a sour and acidic pulp, it's typically green to yellow in color. Also found as key lime, limoncillo, limón sutil, kaffir lime, etc. See lime juice.


It's a tender, sweet citrus fruit easy to peel with the fingers and can be easily split into even segments without squirting juice.


Fleshy, sweet fruit. Same category: cantaloupe melon, galia melon, honeydew melon, etc.



From the same family as peach, nectarine is an edible fruit, and it's used in cocktails as ingredient of a liqueur or as garnishing.


It's the round juicy citrus fruit with yellow rind. It's typically used as juice, garnishing, flavoring, etc., in cocktails.


A round stone fruit with juicy yellow or whitish flesh, velvety skin, and delicate aroma. It is used in cocktails as ingredient, garnish or flavor-base in some liqueurs and spirits.



A yellowish-brownish-green edible fruit that comes from the tree of the same name. It is typically narrow at the stalk and wider toward the tip, with sweet, gritty flesh.



Also known worldwide as Ananas, this is a tropical fruit which is eaten fresh or canned. It's an ideal complement for a fruity cocktail.


Plum is an edible fruit that tastes sweet and/or tartar, it's juicy and can be used in cocktails as garnish or as component. Plum juice can be fermented into Plum Wine, when distilled, this produces a spirit known in Eastern Europe as Slivovitz or Palinka.

Same category: Black Plum.



A rounded fruit with a tough reddish outer skin and sweet red gelatinous flesh containing many seeds. Used for the elaboration of grenadine syrup.


Edible, soft fruit related to blackberry. It's sweet and is reddish-pink in color.


Red Currants

Red currants are edible, round, red berries native to Western Europe. They are tartar in flavor and are great to use for garnishing some cocktails.


Strawberry is world-wide cultivated edible fruit, very appreciated for its aroma, bright red color and sweetness. It's used fresh as ingredient in cocktails or as a syrup, and garnish.



Tangerine is a citrus fruit, variety of mandarin orange. It's smaller than common orange and less sour than mandarin.


Commonly known as a vegetable, tomato is actually the fruit of the plant which has the same name. It's widely used in many cocktail recipes such as the famous Bloody Mary.


Watermelon is a fresh, juicy fruit with green skin and deep bright red flesh. It's used in cocktails as ingredients, as base in liqueurs and as garnishing.

Wild Berries

A mixture of berries that are edible and can be sometimes found in the woods, such as: red currants, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.