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Liqueurs are mulled alcoholic beverages often with a spirit base, characterized as sweet drinks with a minimum alcohol percentage of 15% and unlimited type of flavors and aromas combined into colored or transparent colored drinks with a generous sugar proportion at least 2.5%.

How are they made?

There are different ways to make Liqueurs:

· By means of distillation:

This is done especially with herbs and seeds and peelings of in particular citrus fruits. 

· By means of maceration:

Maceration is an alcohol-based extraction process with fresh or dried  fruits. After a couple of weeks the alcohol has extracted sufficient  flavours from the fruits. 

· By means of percolation:

This method can be compared to the operating principle of an  automatic coffee-maker. A heated mixture of water and alcohol is  pressed through the herbs for a couple of days in order to absorb the  flavors. 

· By means of fruit juices:

This method is frequently applied, often in combination with one  of the other methods. 

Serving Recommendations

Liqueurs are served:

Neat or Straight

On the Rocks, or

Mixed with Cocktails

Liqueur Categories

Depending on the ingredients and methods of elaboration, liqueurs come in a wide variety of flavors, aromas, colors, and textures. Either by distilling all ingredients at the same time and then sweeten and colored them or by adding herbs or fruits to base distillation 'spirits' to allow keeping shine, freshness and fine bouquets.

Berry Liqueurs

Cacao Liqueurs

Coffee Liqueurs

Creamy Liqueurs

Flower Liqueurs

Fruity Liqueurs

Herbal & Spiced Liqueurs

Nutty Liqueurs

Other Liqueurs

Wine-based Liqueurs