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Rim a Glass


Some cocktail recipes will call for a rimmed glass; rimming a glass adds a decorative touch and also additional flavor to cocktails.


Salt and sugar are the most common ingredients used to rimming glasses. Salt is used for most of drinks based on Tequila as one of the ingredients. Cocoa is also used.


The technique is about to moisten the rim of the glass, using for that juices, syrups or liqueurs depending on the taste of the drink. E.g.: sour taste goes well with lemon/lime, sweet taste goes well with coffee, chocolate or any other sweet liqueur. And then applying the glass on the selected dry ingredient. E.g.: Salt, Sugar which can be colored with food colorants, Cocoa, Shredded Coconut, etc.


Moisten the glass


You can try either of the following techniques:


- Wet the outside rim of the glass with a fresh lemon or lime wedge, or


- Insert glass rim into a saucer or plate with the liquid agent: lemon, lime, or any other juice, syrup or liqueur.


Apply the dry agent


1) Fill a saucer or bowl with dry agent


2) Hold the glass parallel to the table


3) Dab the rim into the dry agent while slowly turning the glass so that only the outer edge is covered


4) Shake off any excess dry agent over a sink or wastebasket


5) Fill the glass with your cocktail and garnish


You may also get one of those glass rimmers, which is a bar accessory and it is used to apply the dry  and liquid agents to the rim of the glasses.