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Layer a Cocktail


This is a method used for the type of drinks called "Rainbow", it is an attractive way to present two or more drinks of different colors, flavors and densities:


Next you will find some recommendations to create cocktails by using the "layer a cocktail" method.


* Refer to the density chart for approximate weight of liqueurs or follow recipe instructions.

* Pour into the required glass the heaviest liquid first.

* Place a bar spoon (or teaspoon) upside down into the glass against the edge.

* Slowly pour the next heaviest liqueur over the back of the spoon.

* Continue with each liqueur, ending with the lightest.

* If a liqueur does not float, discard or drink this attempt!

* Admire and serve your drink.


Sometimes, the glass is too narrow to place a spoon in; in that case you may use a maraschino cherry that will do its work.


The secret to obtain a perfect rainbow drink for after meals is:


Pour liquors very slowly!!!