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Decorative Ice Bowl

For punches, and all types of fruity, fresh cocktails that required to be served in a bowl, there is a great idea for showing your guests your skills.

You will need:


  • 1 large Bowl (metal or plastic)
  • 1 medium Bowl (metal or plastic)
  • Tape
  • Fresh Fruit Slices (such as oranges, lemons, etc)



Fill the large bowl with 1 inch water. Freeze for 3 hours in order to form a base. Place the smaller bowl on the ice base inside of the larger bowl. Secure the two bowls by placing an "X" across the sides and top with tape. Once the smaller bowl is secured, fill larger bowl with water. Place fruits slices into the water. Decorate according to the main ingredient of the drink or party's theme. Freeze it for at least 8 hours or overnight. When ready, remove the tape and pop out of the form. Use lukewarm water to set the bowl form if ice doesn't come easy. Place ice bowl over coarse salt on a tray to keep cool ice last longing and serve your cocktail.