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Crystal Sugar Sticks

This is a cool way to garnish cocktails because of its exclusivity and fancy shape. They can come on any color you like to use such as white, brown, pink, green, etc. All depends on your imagination. Now the process of making sugar sticks is a little bit complicated and takes time! You can also buy them in special candy stores. Expect them to be expensive as well.

Now if you want to give it a try and make them yourself, this is a recipe available for you:


Crystal Sugar Sticks


1 cup Sugar
1/3 cup Water
2-3 wooden Chopsticks


Use an empty, clean jar (such as jam or mayo jar) with the lid. Drill two holes on the lid and push the chopsticks through the hole so that when the lid is put on the jar the stick comes to about 1 inch from the bottom. Wet the stick with some water and dip it into some sugar so that a few crystal stick. Let this dry overnight and knock off any lose crystals.

Pour the water and sugar into a sauce pan. Stir and try to dissolve all of the sugar. Place it on the stove and place the candy thermometer into the liquid. Heat the solution on high heat until the mixture comes to about 240 degrees Farenheit (116 degrees C). Keep stirring. All of the sugar should dissolve. Make sure that you scrape any loose crystals from the sides of the pan.

Allow the mixture to cool to about 100 degrees Farenheit (38 degrees C). Then carefully pour the liquid into the jar and screw the lid with the chopstick onto the jar so that the sugar coated tip submerges into the solution.

Let the mixture sit around for a week or so and the crystals should have formed on the stick.