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Safari Liqueur

A yellow Dutch liqueur flavored with exotic fruits like maracuya, mango, and papaya.


An anise flavored liqueur produced by the infusion of witch elder bush and licorice. Available as white and black.

Scotch Whisky

A whisky distilled from malted barley or un-malted grains for a minimum of 3 years.

Seagram's 7 Whisky

A smooth light blended whisky aged in charred oak barrels for a minimum of 4 years.

Seagram's Dry Gin

A popular extra dry gin.

Seagram's Lemon Gin

A blend of Seagram's gin, fruit juice, and natural flavors.

Seagram's Lime Twisted Gin

A premium extra dry gin with a tinted flavor of lime.


A fortified Spanish wine ranging in color, flavor, and sweetness.


A traditional Japanese distilled spirit distilled from rice, sweet potatoes, rye corn, sugar, or molasses.

Skyy Vodka

A smooth brand of premium vodka quadruple distilled and triple charcoal filtered.


Slivovic is a gin made of plum. The name refers to the meaning of plum in Serbian. It is the national drink in Serbia and it contains approximately 47% alcohol. This spirit is colourless but if it is stored for some time it turns gold yellow.

Sloe Gin

A sweet red blackthorn plum or sloe plum flavored liqueur with a gin base.

Smirnoff Blue Label Vodka

A higher proof alternative to the UK's biggest selling vodka product.

Smirnoff Red Label Vodka

The world's most popular vodka, produced since the 1860s.

Smirnoff Vodka

A grain based triple distilled premium brand of vodka.

Soda Water

Carbon dioxide charged water, containing and small amount of sodium bicarbonate.

Southern Comfort

A peach flavored bourbon liqueur, made from the infusion of peach, citrus, and orange into a bourbon base.

Sparkling Wine

It's any wine with high levels of carbon dioxide that makes it fizzy. The most popular sparkling wine is Champagne from France, Cava from Spain and Spumante from Italy. According to its sweetness sparkling wine can range from very dry “brut” to sweeter “doux”.

Spiced Rum

A rum based spiced liquor obtained by the addition of cinnamon to the normal fermentation of sugar cane or molasses.


A citrus flavored soft drink made from orange, lemon, and grapefruit juice.

St. Hallvard Liqueur

A Norwegian herbal liqueur made from a potato base, herbs, and spices.

St. Raphael Aperitif de France

A popular French aperitif.

Stefanoffs Vodka

An Italian brand of vodka.

Steinhaeger Gin

A German gin flavored with juniper berries.

Stoli Cranberry Vodka

A fresh tasting brand of cranberry flavored vodka made by the infusion of real cranberries.

Stoli Lemon Vodka

A lemon flavored vodka produced by Stolichnaya.

Stolichnaya Coffee Vodka

A brand of coffee flavored vodka.

Stolichnaya Vodka

A smooth premium Russian vodka distilled from winter wheat.


it is the popular sweet fleshy red fruit, member of the great berries family.

Strawberry Liqueur

A strawberry flavored liqueur made using the maceration of strawberries.

Strawberry Schnapps

A strong dry strawberry flavored schnapps.

Strawberry Vodka

A strawberry flavored vodka.


A sweet golden herbal flavored Italian liqueur made from the distillation of about 70 herbs and spices.

Sugar Syrup

A lowly heated mixture of sugar and water. See more

Suntory Royal Whisky

A popular Japanese whisky.

Swedish Punsch

A Scandinavian liqueur made from Batavia Arak rum, spices, tea, lemon, and sugar.

Sweet and Sour Mix

A blend of lemon juice and syrup. See more

Sweet Vermouth

A white or reddish brown fortified wine distilled or macerated with herbs, spices, caramel, and other ingredients.

Swiss Chocolate Almond

A sweet nutty chocolate liqueur with a smooth almond aftertaste.