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Raki Liqueur

A strong Turkish liqueur made from anise and raisins.


Raspberry is a tart, sweet and red fruit in summer or early autumn.

Raspberry Liqueur

A raspberry flavored liqueur made by the distillation of raspberries.

Raspberry Schnapps

A strong dry spirit produced using the distillation of raspberries.

Raspberry Vodka

A raspberry flavored vodka.

Red Sambuca

A rich red colored Sambuca anise flavored liqueur.

Red Square Vodka

A vodka based energy drink.

Red Wine

A liquor made by the fermentation of red grape juice and skins.


A brand of rum distilled from sugarcane and infused with natural flavors of mango, pineapple, coconut and berries.


A smooth yellow anise based liqueur made from star anise and licorice.

Rock and Rye

A fruit juice made from a blend of rock candy, rye whiskey, and fruit slices.

Root Beer

A non-alcoholic carbonated drink, sweetened and flavored with a combination of artificial and natural flavorings.

Root Beer Schnapps

A root beer flavored schnapps.

Rose's Lime Juice

A brand of sweetened concentrated lime juice.


Chocolate-Velvet-Ruby is a blend of fortified red wine and chocolate flavour. It is served at room temperature in a wine glass or over ice in a small tumbler.



A golden or dark brown liquor distilled from the extracted juice of the sugar cane plant or molasses.

Rum Cream Liqueur

A smooth and creamy rum-based liqueur.

Rumple Minze

A strong peppermint-flavored german schnapps.

Rye Whiskey

A whiskey distilled from a fermented mash of at least 51% rye grain.