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Parfait Amour

A sweet violet liqueur made from and tasting of Spanish oranges, vanilla, rose, and almond.

Passion Fruit Syrup

A very sweet passion fruit flavored syrup.


A red liqueur made from passion fruit juice and citrus.


A soft juicy fruit with an almond like stone center.

Peach Brandy

A sweet peach flavored liqueur made using ripe peaches macerated in pure distilled alcohol, flavoured with natural herb essences, brandy, and sugar.

Peach Liqueur

A peach flavored liqueur.

Peach Nectar

A mixture of peach juice/puree or concentrated peach juice/puree, sugar and water.

Peach Schnapps

A strong dry spirit made from distilled peaches.

Peach Vodka

A peach flavored vodka.

Peanut Liqueur

An American nut liqueur made from neutral distillate and infused with crushed peanuts.


A spice obtained from the berry of the pepper plant.


Peppermint Schnapps

A strong dry peppermint flavored schnapps.


A licorice flavored liqueur produced with either licorice or anise.

Phillips Peppermint Schnapps

A high-proof peppermint schnapps liqueur, the first of it's kind in America.

Phillips Raspberry Schnapps

A black and red raspberry flavored schnapps liqueur.

Pimento Liqueur

A sweet spicy herbal flavored liqueur made from dry purple aromatic berries.

Pisang Ambon

A fruit flavored emerald green liqueur, made from tropical fruits and herbs from the South East Asian Islands, or the emerald belt.

Pistachio Liqueur

A pistachio nut flavored liqueur.

Popov Vodka

A high-proof American grain distilled vodka.


A fortified wine, mostly red, of which there are many styles and ages.

Powdered Sugar

A granulated sugar containing cornstarch and ground to a smooth sifted powder.


An Italian sparkling wine.

Pusser's Rum

A British blend of 6 of the worlds finest rums.