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Mad Dog

A fortified wine available in various flavors, originally "Red Grape Wine" flavor.

Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey

A strong but smooth Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

Malibu Rum

A sweet coconut flavored Caribbean white rum. Malibu has its beginnings on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados. Located in the extreme Southeast corner of the West Indies, the distillery overlooks the beach and white sands of Black Rock. The setting is wonderfully tropical and as easy going as Malibu Rum itself. Malibu is an iconic brand that is both distinctive and delicious. It is blended with the finest Caribbean Rums and has a distinct coconut flavor. While having real spirit credentials, Malibu is lower in alcohol than other spirits and lets you stay in control.

Mandarine Napoleon

A belgian orange flavored liqueur. It has a cognac base and is flavored with herbs and the extracted oils of rare Sicilian tangerines.


The mango is a tropical fruit of the mango tree.

Maraschino Cherry

A sugar syrup coated cherry, dyed red and flavored with almond.

Maraschino Liqueur

A clear dry cherry flavored liqueur made from marasca cherries and pure cane syrup.

Margarita Mix

A premade mixture mainly containing sugar, water, and lemon/lime juices or puree's, by which alcohol is then added by the consumer.

Mari Mayans Absinthe

A powerful Spanish absinthe or absenta with a strong anis flavor.

Marie Brizard Apry Apricot Brandy

An apricot flavored brandy liqueur made with African and Rousillon (French) apricots in a cognac base.

Marie Brizard Coconut Passion

A coconut flavored fruit liqueur made from an exotic blend of Sri Lankan coconuts and Brazilian passion fruit.

Marie Brizard Creme de Mure

A wild blackberry flavored liqueur produced by Marie Brizard.

Marie Brizard Lime Citron

A lime flavored liqueur made from distilled lemon peel and lemon and lime fruit.

Marie Brizard Mango Passion

A popular mango flavored liqueur made with mangos and passion fruit.


A fruit used in cocktails as ingredient and as serving device. Cantaloupe type is the most used.

Melon Liqueur

A sweet melon flavored liqueur.

Melon Vodka

A lightly spiced melon vodka.

Metaxa 7 Star

A Greek brandy aged for a minimum of 7 years.

Midori Melon Liqueur

A vibrant green honeydew melon flavored liqueur.


Dairy product for multiples uses.

Mint Schnapps

A peppermint flavored schnapps liqueur.

Molson Canadian Beer

A Canadian lager beer.

Mount Gay Barbados Rum

A famous Barbados rum.

Mountain Dew

A high in caffeine citrus flavored carbonated soft drink.

Muscatel Wine

A rich sweet dessert wine made by fermenting Muscat grapes.

Myer's Dark Rum

A rich brand of dark rum.