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La Ina Sherry

A popular light Fino sherry.


A beverage made by the slow fermentation of yeast at low temperatures.

Lapponia Lakka Cloudberry Liqueur

A bright yellow liqueur with a bitter sweet taste of cloudberries.


The fruits grown on the lemon tree.

Lemon Juice

The fruit juice extracted from lemons.

Lemon Schnapps

A clear, lemon or citrus flavored schnapps liqueur.

Lemon Vodka

A lemon flavored, sometimes lightly spiced vodka.

Lemon-Lime Soda

A lemon and lime flavored soda drink.


A blend of lemon juice, sugar and water.

Licor 43

A sweet bright yellow citrus/vanilla flavored Spanish liqueur made from a combination of 43 ingredients, including fruit juices, herbs, spices, and vanilla.

Light Cream

A type of cream lower in butterfat content than most others.

Light Rum

A dry light bodied rum produced from sugarcane juice and molasses. Light rum is light in color and lightly sweet in flavor.


Lillet from France. This is an aperitif type of wine created in the Bordeaux region, produced in Podensac precisely. Its name comes after its creators: the brothers Paul and Raymond Lillet. Originally a very bitter white-wine-based apéritif (Kina Lillet), the quinine content was reduced and now comes in both red (Lillet Rouge) and white (Lillet Blanc) varieties, and is typically served over ice, either on its own or with soda water. Drinks made with Lillet are traditionally garnished with a twist of orange.

Lime Juice

The juice of lime fruits.

Lime Vodka

A lime flavored vodka.


A popular Italian, citrus based lemon liqueur made by the infusion of lemon skins in pure alcohol. It is also known as Lemoncello.

Luxardo Limoncello

An authentic brand of limoncello, a yellow Italian lemon liqueur.