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Fernet Branca

A bitter aromatic Italian liquor made from macerating over 40 herbs and spices into a base of premium spirit, and aged in oak barrels for over a year.

Finlandia Cranberry Vodka

A dark pink Finnish cranberry flavored spiced vodka.

Finlandia Pineapple Vodka

A popular brand of pineapple flavored vodka.

Finlandia Vodka

A leading brand of premium vodka.

Firewater Cinnamon Schnapps

A bright red cinnamon schnapps.

Forbidden Fruit Liqueur

A sweet American orange and grapefruit flavored cognac based liqueur with a slightly bitter aftertaste.


Framboise comes from the French word that means raspberry. But it also refers to a Belgian Lambic beer fermented using raspberries. It is very popular in Belgium for its resemblance to bubbly Champagne.

Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

A hazelnut flavored liqueur made primarily from the distillation of the infusion of toasted hazelnuts into alcohol and water. It is flavored with toasted coffee and cocoa, vanilla berries and rhubarb root.


A grapefruit flavored soft drink.

Fris Vodka

A six time distilled and filtered Danish vodka.

Fruit Punch

A fruit flavored soft drink.