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A leading Brazilian liquor distilled from pure sugarcane juice.

Caguamas Tecate Beer

A dark Mexican beer.


Calamansi or calamondin is a fruit tree native to the Philippines. It is the most commonly grown backyard tree among the citrus species.


Calpis is a Japanese soft drink, it has a light milky acid flavor.


A popular apple brandy distilled from fermented apples, produced in the French region of Normandy.

Calvert Extra American Blended Whiskey

A 100% blended American whiskey.

Campari Bitters

A bitter Italian aperitif made from a secret recipe of aromatic herbs and spirit.

Canadian Club Whisky

A six year old Canadian blended whisky made by Hiram Walker.

Canadian Mist

A Canadian whisky made from corn and malted barley. Produced in Collingwood, Ontario.

Canadian Whisky

A Canadian spirit distilled primarily from the fermented mash of corn, wheat, rye and barley or barley malt and aged for at least 3 years.


Cannabis is a term that refers to marijuana and other drugs made from the same plant.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

A golden Puerto Rican rum flavored with spices and other natural flavors.

Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay

A coconut flavored Puerto Rican rum.


Capuli is a fruit similar in appearance to the European cherry, with a dark purple skin and pale green, juicy flesh, with a flavour similar to wild cherries.

Carambole Fruit

Tropical fruit in shape of a star, it can be eaten raw.

Caramel Liqueur

A sweet, sometimes creamy caramel flavored liqueur.

Caraway Liqueur

A cordial liqueur made from caraway seeds, often with other herbs or spices.

Carbonated Water

Carbon dioxide charged water.

Cardamom Powder

Cardamom powder comes from cardamom seeds of a ginger like plant.

Caribbean Cream

A tropical blend of coconut and fresh pineapple with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Carlsberg Special Brew Lager

A European strong lager beer produced since 1950.

Casa Noble Tequila

A triple distilled 100-percent blue agave blanco tequila.

Cava Spanish Champagne

A Spanish sparkling wine.

Celery Salt

A blend of celery seed and salt.


Chaas is a Hindi spiced buttermilk made from curds, cumin, chilli ginger paste and sanchal or black salt.

Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

A sweet red raspberry flavored French liqueur made from black raspberries, honey, fruits and herbs.


A type of sparkling white wine that comes from the northern region of France called Champagne.

Charleston Follies

A french passion-fruit liqueur produced by Marie Brizard.

Chat Masala Powder

Chat Masala Powder is a group of spices grounded together very popular in Indian cuisine and as a condiment for their cocktails.

Cherry Advocaat

Cherry Advocaat is a rich and red pink creamy Dutch liqueur made from blend of egg yolks, aromatic spirits, sugar, brandy, vanilla, flavored with cherry.

Cherry Brandy

A red full bodied sweet cherry flavored liqueur, made from the juice of dark red cherries.

Cherry Heering

A popular dark red cherry flavored liqueur made in Denmark.

Cherry Liqueur

A sweetened, cherry flavored liqueur.

Cherry Vodka

A sweet cherry flavored vodka.

Chocolate Fudge Topping

It is a chocolate type of syrup that you can buy in the market such as Hershey's or you can make by yourself.


3 sqs. unsweetened chocolate (or 12 tbsp. shredded chocolate)1/4 c. water1 c. sugar1 c. canned milk1 tsp. vanilla3 tbsp. white corn syrup Melt chocolate in double boiler. Add water, sugar, and syrup. Boil until a few drops form soft ball in cold water (234 degrees F). Remove from heat and add milk and vanilla. Serve hot. Can be reheated over double boiler for later use.

Chocolate Liqueur

A chocolate flavored liqueur.

Chocolate Syrup

A sweet combination of unsweetened cocoa powder, corn syrup and sugar, amongst other flavorings.


A apple flavored beverage made from the fermentation of apple juice.


The dried inner bark of tropical Asian trees in the genus Cinnamomum.

Cinnamon Schnapps

A strong dry cinnamon flavored schnapps.

Cinzano Dry Vermouth

A vermouth wine made from a secret blend of ingredients including herbs, spices, alcohol, sugar, and caramel.

Citrus Vodka

A citrus flavored vodka made with the addition of lemon and other citrus fruits.

Clamato Juice

A blend of tomato juice and liquefied clams.


The flower bud of the clove tree, a pungent aromatic spice.

Club Soda

Water which has been charged with carbon dioxide.

Cocktail Sauce

Cocktail sauce is a simple form of ketchup sauce mixed with prepared horseradish.

Coconut Cream

The pure and natural extract of fresh, mature coconut meat, obtained by heavy pressing without water.

Coconut Liqueur

A coconut flavored liqueur made by the maceration of coconut in white rum.

Coconut Milk

The result of mixing the grated meat of a ripe coconut with warm water and squeezing out the juice. Available canned and frozen.

Coconut Rum

Coconut flavored white rum.

Coconut Water

Transparent, almost tasteless liquid contained inside of a fresh coconut. 

CocoRibe Coconut Rum

A white American liqueur made from Wild Island coconut milk and white rum.

Coffee Brandy

A coffee flavored brandy liqueur distilled from coffee beans.

Coffee Liqueur

A spirit based liqueur flavored with coffee. See more


A renowned French brandy produced via the distillation of white wines.


A clear brandy based liqueur and type of triple sec flavored from the peel of sour and sweet oranges.


Cola is a sweet carbonated drink colored with caramel that contains caffeine.

Cold Duck Champagne

An inexpensive, German pink sparkling wine made from a mixture of champagne, sparkling burgundy, and sugar.

Colombiana Kola Champagne

Colombian soda, peach-colored of spicy, sweet flavor. It is used as ingredient for a popular Colombian cocktail called 'refajo'.

Continental Cherry Advocaat

A morello cherry flavored advocaat-based liqueur.

Corona Extra

A light tasting lager beer.

Cranberry Juice

A dark red fruit juice made from cranberries sugar.

Cranberry Vodka

A cranberry flavored vodka.


The part of the cow's milk rich in fat which has been seperated by means of centrifugal force or otherwise.

Cream of Coconut

A sweet thick liquid made from fresh coconuts, and added sugar and stabilizers.

Creme de Almond

A clear red almond flavored liqueur produced from the almond-like kernel within apricot seeds.

Creme de Bananes

A sweet intensely flavored banana liqueur.

Creme de Cacao

A sweet liqueur flavored by cocoa bean and vanilla bean. It looks like a clear light syrup or dark colored syrup:

White Creme de Cacao

Dark/Brown Creme de Cacao

Creme de Cassis

A sweet red blackcurrant flavored liqueur.

Creme de Coconut

A rum based coconut flavored liqueur.

Creme de Menthe

A sweet white/green mint flavored liqueur made from mint and spearmint.

Creme de Mure

A sweet blackberry flavored liqueur.

Creme de Myrtille

A sweet blueberry flavored liqueur

Creme de Noyaux

A red almond flavored liqueur made from fruit stones, and sometimes made with peach or apricot pits.

Crown Royal

A canadian blend of rye whiskey and a lighter corn whiskey, also known as a Canadian blended whiskey.

Cruzan Dark Rum

A dark rum aged for a minimum of two years in American oak casks.


A sweet orange flavored liqueur distilled from the dried peel of bitter Curacao oranges.


Curd is the part of the milk which coagulates when any acid agent is added such as lemon juice and then heat is applied.


An artichoke flavored aperitif or liqueur made in Italy.