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Aam Ka Pannah

Aam Ka Pannah is a hindi fruit drink made from green unripe mangoes.


A bitter, emerald green, strong herbal liqueur made from flavorful herbs.

Absolut Citron

A lemon-lime flavored vodka containing a small amount of lemon peel.

Absolut Kurant

A blackcurrant flavored vodka.

Absolut Mandrin

A sweet mandarin orange flavored vodka made from citrus fruits.

Absolut Peppar

A fiery pepper flavored vodka made from japapeno peppers and capsicum spices.

Absolut Vodka

A premium brand of vodka distilled from winter wheat and slightly flavored with dried fruit.


A Dutch liqueur made from a rich and creamy blend of un-pasteurized egg yolks, sugar, aromatic spirits and grape brandy. See more


A potent liqueur available with flavors of mint, cinnamon and spice.


Normally refers to grain alcohol, a double distilled spirit derived from the fermentation of grain. It is, at 190 proof or 95% alcohol content and extremely potent.


A passion fruit or cranberry flavored liqueur inherent of cognac.

Alize Cognac

A cognac from passion fruit liqueur makers Alize which is made from the folle blanche grape.

Alize Gold Passion

A passion fruit flavored liqueur.


A berry and sweet spice which takes its name from its smell of different spices.


An oval nut with a mellow, sweet flavor.

Almond Liqueur

A sweetened nut or almond flavored liqueur made from almonds.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice is made from freshly cut and hand squeezed Aloe Vera leaves, and prepared from the pure inner gel of mature Aloe Vera plants.


An almond flavored Italian liqueur made with apricot pits.

Amaretto Di Saronno

An intensely flavored almond liqueur distilled from the base of almonds.

Amarula Cream

A smooth blend of fresh cream and the pulp of marula tree fruits.


A French red vermouth lightly flavored with Curacao oranges.

Amer Picon

An orange bitter cordial made from cinchona bark, oranges and gentian.

Anejo Rum

A rich mellow golden rum made from a blend of aged rums.

Angelica Root

The root of the angelica plant which is used in aromatherapy and medicine.

Angostura Bitters

A strong rum based liquor made from a secret blend of rare tropical herbs and spices.


A licorice flavored liqueur made with anise seed.


A plant from the parsley family with sweet, oval-shaped licorice flavored seeds.


A sweet colorless licorice flavored Italian liqueur made from anise seeds.


A sweet dark orange Italian aperitif made from selected spirits, rhubarb, chinchona, genziana and various other herbs.

Apfelkorn Liqueur

A sweet apple flavored liqueur made from wheat spirit and apples.


A delicious fruit of the apple tree. It is used in cocktails freshly cut or sliced to garnish or adding its flavor. Different varieties may be found: green 'Granny Smith', red 'MacIntosh', yellow 'Ginger Gold'.

Apple Brandy

A sweet apple flavored brandy distilled from the apple fruit.

Apple Cider

An apple flavored beverage produced by fermented/unfermented apple juice. Available as both hard cider, or sweet cider.

Apple Juice

The juice of the apple fruit.

Apple Schnapps

A strong, dry apple-flavored spirit made from distilled apple juice.


A brandy distilled from hard cider or fermented apple pomace.

Apricot Brandy

A brandy distilled from apricots.

Apricot Liqueur

A sweet variation of apricot brandy.

Apricot Nectar

A concentrate of apricots mixed with water and sugar.


A clear or pale yellow Scandinavian flavored liquor distilled from potatoes or grain.

Archers Peach Schnapps

A clear, sweet, peach-flavored liqueur with a very distinctive peach aroma.

Arrow Peach Schnapps

A brand of peach-flavored schnapps liqueur.

Arrow Peppermint Schnapps

A popular brand of peppermint flavored schnapps liqueur.

Arrow Triple Sec

A brand of orange flavored liqueur similar to that of curacao or cointreau.


Ataco, Amaranthus caudatus is a medicinal plat that grows in Ecuador. It is used as infusion to prepare cocktails.

Avalanche Peppermint Schnapps

A blue peppermint flavored schnapps containing edible sugar crystals.


A single seeded highly nutritious berry fruit.