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Cherry Garnish


Many different types of cherries can be used for garnishing cocktails. Cherries are speared onto orange slices, pineapples, limes, and lemons. This type of decoration is called “flag” in the cocktails world.  The most common are: Maraschino Cherries, Red Cherries, Yellow Cherries, and Green Cherries.

If you choose for the fresh cherries such as Maraschino, you must always pick the fresh red cherries with stalks. Although they add little flavor when dropped into a drink, they add bright colors to a drink, it is better to get them with the stem attached so that the drinkers can eat it as well.


If your choice are canned cherries, use a paper towel to dry them before placing them over the drink, sometimes the syrup contained in them could ruin the esthetics of your cocktail.