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Garnishing Cocktails


Garnishing is a part of the ritual of making cocktails. It adds to any drink a special feature than the others giving color, flavor and style. Most of the classic drinks have their own garnish, but it is in your imagination and creativity where you can find lots of models.


Remember: It is always important to use fresh ingredients.


The most common garnishes include fruits such as:


Other drinks require of more elaborated garnishes: 


All kinds of fruits are used to garnish cocktails. Depending on the basic flavor, you can create your own style using a fruit or element.

Cocktail Accessories

Cocktails accessories are also available and give your drinks a fun and attractive look, some of them include:

Cocktail Umbrellas

All kinds of colors and decoration pick umbrellas.


Always fresh and good looking for those exotic cocktails. Use orange blossoms for a nice and smooth citrus touch.

Orange Blossom
Passion Fruit Flower
Lavender Sprig

Swizzle Sticks or Stirrers

Different names but same purpose. Sometimes you'll find them publishing some bank or credit card name.

Cocktail Flags

Mini Flags from different countries. It's always handy for Independence Day!


Wooden, paper fruit picks, fuzzy animals picks, etc.


Straws of different sizes and colors, decorated with paper fruit, etc.


Just use your imagination!