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Ecuador is a country in South America located right on the equatorial line. This is a country of high contrasts in every sense. Climates are different from one town to another and all depends on the altitude you are located to enjoy of a beautiful warm tropical weather at the beach or a template kind of cold climate up on the mountains at 3000 meters high during the same day or season you will be able to experiment changing forecasts. The fact that this country is located in such a privileged area, which has allowed growing every day of the year, all kind of fruits.

Ecuadorians enjoy of hanging out during Thursdays and Fridays nights to pubs or clubs but if there is any special event like a soccer match of their favorite team, people will celebrate either if they won the match or not.

Drinking culture starts since very early age but legally you are not allowed to drink if you are not 18 years old or older.

It is pretty common to find young people altogether parked with their parents’ cars in the most popular corners of the city where they have a liquor shop provider and have their drinks with friends standing on the sidewalks. It is not a legal act but still they do it.

In between older people, they would enjoy of having a parrillada (bbq) outside with beer and others will enjoy of having the privilege of being able to afford expensive wines following the current trend of restaurants or bars. However poor people can be found laying on the streets or any city’s garden sleeping their hangover after drowning themselves and their pains with the help of cheap spirits.

Drinks you can find in this country of all kinds, since a simple beer to the most exotic drink brought from overseas. But beer is undoubtedly the most popular drink. Very strong firewater called: Puntas is produced here as well; 50-70% alcohol has this spirit. Other kinds of aguardientes are also produced in Ecuador and its popularity between people of middle & low level is outstanding. 

Traditional drinks in Ecuador: