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The United States has the highest drinking age in the world (with exceptions in some states), 21 years old a person must be in order to drink or buy any kind of alcoholic drink. Being the only country in the world with this regulation, there have been many arguments trying to change this law. But the truth is that no matter how strict regulations could be there will always be a large group of consumers.
There are as many types of bars or taverns as restaurants exist that give attention to public. Since people tend to spend entire evenings in bars or use them as meeting point to hang out with their friends, many types of bars have been created in order to harmonize with everybody’s predilection.
Many bars feature music as an attraction, there are singles bars for the lonely souls, sports bars decorated with flags, logos, photos, etc of sports celebrities and teams attracting crowds interested in sports events. They have large televisions so everybody can enjoy a match of their favorite team while is drinking a beer or any other beverage. Elegant cocktail lounges can be found in the best hotels or high standard restaurants with live music or piano concerts. Serious drinking bars are available as well for those who got the need to drink rather than to socialize.
For the working class areas there are also special bars where you can go to socialize and meet with friends, the blue-collar bars; there are also bars where you can eat while you have a nice drink along with the meal, and of course gay bars that are very popular meeting places of homosexual people.

Traditional drinks in the USA: