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Salgam is a traditional Turkish drink made from dark Tunips, Violet Carrots and Sira. It is served cold with pickles and available in Hot and Milk formulas. Its turkish complete name is: "şalgam suyu", very traditional in Adana province, the Gap and South Eastern Anatolia where they serve it with Kebab dishes.

Some people drink it with Raki to soften the effects of alcohol, it has a dark red or purple color and very strong sour taste. This juice if full of minerals and vitamin C, it is one of the most popular drinks during winter time.


Turkey is a country that has seen many civilizations since the beginning of humanity supported by its rich cultural heritage and religion, the majority of Turks are Islamic but that doesn’t mean that they don’t drink alcoholic drinks. On the contrary, alcoholic beverages are plenty available. With the exception during Ramadan, a Turkish meal without alcohol is unthinkable.


There are a vast variety of local and international brands of beer, great variety of local wines, specially for foreigners and national liquors for locals.

Turkish wine producers are getting better at their skill to make wines and are winning prizes for the quality of them. The most popular brands are:

  • Kavaklidere
  • Doluca

For a good, smooth red:

  • Yakut

and for a graceful, dry white:

  • Cankaya

Tekel wines brands are cheap and offer many surprises. Unfortunately the quality is not always consistent, but the heavy, red Buzbag or the white, aromatic Nevsah are worth the risk.

Beer is sold by Efes and Tuborg. Both of these are light and fizzy.

Turkey produces its own brands of Gin, Vodka, Brandy and Whisky. They are all produced by Tekel and gin is spelt "Cin", the vodka is spelt "Votka" and the brandy, "Kanyak". There are many locally made liqueurs which are very cheap and taste quite similar to popular imported liqueurs.