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Norway is a country known for its highly priced alcoholic drinks, as well as for the regulations and restrictions, however, Norway has a long history in the production of the most popular scandinavian spirit -Akevitt- also known as Aquavit.

Strong liquors were imported to Norway from Europe since the 1500s, and at present their commercialization is under the Vinmonopolet, a retailer owned and controlled by the State.

In Norway, it's prohibited to make publicity for alcohol stronger than class 1, this means that even beer wouldn't be advertised to the public, which makes Norway, one of a kind in this matter.

I've read everywhere that if you travel into Norway, it is a good advise, to buy your liquor in the Duty Free shops at the airport before clearing out. I guess this is a valid act if you want to save big bucks at the time of enjoying a good Brandy after dinner in this crazy but awesome country.