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Netherlands is a small country that has a large history in the elaboration of alcoholic drinks dating back to many centuries ago. Some of the most popular brands around the world are actually Dutch, clearly represented by the famous Heineken, Amstel, Bavaria, among others.

Another drink that is produced here is the Dutch Jenever, the Dutch national drink, which has been the base-spirit for many other liqueurs, produced by infusing them with different kinds of aromatic herbs, spices, fruits, flowers, roots picked up from all over the world by Dutch traders, who were in a sense authentic pioneers in the transportation, localization, and merchandising of many of those exotic and rare elixirs coming from the far East and West lands during the Middle Age.

It is proper to mention their old customs and simple way to enjoy a drink, by having a glass of beer and Dutch Jenever  at 5 p.m. known as "Borrel", the always present hot cup of tea during the whole day and of course the numerous pubs and bars where you can find Dutch beers, and typical Dutch ambiance, particularly on public holidays such as Koninginnedag "Queen's Day", and Sinterklass "5th December".

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