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Nocino is an exquisite dark brown liqueur made from walnuts in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. It is traditionally produced in the month of June when walnuts are unripe and green, these are steeped in a neutral spirit, resulting into an aromatic bittersweet nutty flavored liqueur. 


Nocino dates back to the Middle Age, produced by the Celts and in monasteries used for medicinal purposes. Since 1978 Italy promoted the traditional Nocino of Modena, where is produced, tasted, and enjoyed during an annual festival. 


Nocino is usually served as a digestif, and for preparing several cocktails.

Alcohol (ABV):

40% (80 proof)

Popular Brands:

Treré® Nocino Liquore*


Soliani® Nocino di Modena Riserva**