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Irish society has always had a traditional pub culture. Public Houses as they are called or Bars are important meeting places not only for drinking but also important places where people meet to have a fun and relax moment. They often serve food, and all depends on the type of clientele, pubs may be as traditional as the taverns with the folklore Irish music warmness or as modern as the new pubs with bands and music live.

As an outsider I always thought of Irish people as the drunken Irish because in my mind I had a stereotypical view of them, simply because they drink a lot. And there are reasons why other people like me tend to link Irish to drinking, in America, St. Patrick's day is actually honored to the green drinking way! 

However all this idealism is based on the fact that in Ireland some of the finest stouts and whiskeys in the world are produced. Alcoholic beverages that have a long and remarkable history and had printed a great impression not only because of their characteristics but also because they became essentials at any bar's menu.