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French Liqueurs

France has a long history in the elaboration of Liqueurs, it's not only considered an aperitif or a digestif companion, but also a good conversation starter as well as it's been the object to moral provocation, and political controversy.

It has been produced in France since its origins from various plants, fruits, seeds, and roots which are distilled or macerated in alcohol. Some are sweetened with sugar, caramel or honey, and usually strong in alcohol content. 

Liqueurs are used to make a lot of world-wide famous cocktails in France, either served before dinner or after, they have become into the most important items in any bar's menu.

In France: Liqueurs or Crèmes?

French Liqueurs by law must have a minimum of 15% alcohol content, and a minimum of 20% sugar content. 

If a Liqueur is called a "Crème" in France, it means that the minimum sugar content must be 40%.