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France is the country that has given birth to the most famous, and popular spirits and liqueurs all around the world. Its sophistication and tradition are blended into a wide variety of the most fine and indispensable alcoholic drinks in any bar. And it's in France where people takes time to enjoy their drink. It's here where they have created the methods and the regulations in order to achieve the most popular and enjoyable alcoholic beverages, most of them being directly or indirectly descendants of Wine, the French national icon drink.

There is a drink for every occasion, since a simple cup of Café Au Lait (coffee with milk) or Thé (tea) with breakfast in the morning, Aperitif Liqueurs during lunch, Beer and Cider next to a snack, to the fabulous world of Wine that will always have the right one served after each course during dinner, and let's not forget the Digestif Liqueurs that will be served aprés (or after). 

As you know with moderation and appreciation, a culture like this is not bad at all. In fact it helps digestion, and helps your heart, to keep yourself always positive and in shape.