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Austria is a small country but full of history and remarkable people. It has plenty to offer for night owls, club hoppers, party animals and socializers. An infinite number of bars, pubs, clubs and discotheques are there to turn night into day in Austria’s provincial capitals.


Heuriger comes from "Heurig" that means "this year's". They are taverns where people can go to drink wine and eat a trifle. They are very traditional places in Austria to find originally recent year's wines. Heurigers are always recommended to visit if you are a tourist in Vienna.


It is also traditional to find places that hang a green bush of a pinetree outside of the restaurants as a sign that over there you can drink wine from their own village.

With Vienna as the world’s capital city of vineyards, Austria shines with its exquisite wines but above all its famous coffee of all kinds. Here you will find some information about the most important drinks for this colorful European country.