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Cuba is the country of origin of people that has positive attitude towards life, friendly and optimistic the Cubans are generous and always willing to offer the best they have.

Cocktails are part of Cuban tradition, since they produce the hightest quality of rum, Rum culture is part of each person's life as cigars. In La Havana, the capital city, during the first half of the 20th century, due to the American people tourism in the island, there was a flourishing of serveral bars where they produce a variety of world well known cocktails.

The Floridita bar is one of the most famous, it was Ernest Hemingway's favorite bar in the island, their most popular cocktail was frozen Daiquiri. Another bar was La Bodeguita del Medio with its specialty: the Mojito.

Cubans usually accompanied their meals with beer or water. They only drink wine in sangria and their favorite non alcoholic drinks are malta and guarapo.

Malta is a dark unfermented wort with sugar molasses.

Guarapo is the juice of the sugarcane served with lime and ice.

Traditional drinks in Cuba: