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Thailand is a very popular tourist destination in South Asia. Thai food, tropical climate and beautiful beaches are some of the features of this country. Bangkok, the capital city has an active drinking culture. Beer and spirits are widely available in bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and small shops.

Despite of their difficult language, ordering drinks is quite easy in Thailand as long as your ask them with a Thai accent otherwise they won’t understand you.

Thai cocktails are elaborated creations in hotel bars, and bars where they serve them. Seasoning young coconut juice with ginger, and colors it lavender using "cha" flowers, and sugar to bring out the flavors.

Coconut juice is the local traditional drink, "naam grachiab" is another drink that is made from dried pods of Roselle flowers. Lemongrass juice is also popular, it has a citrus zing, and fresh sugar cane juice is a traditional favorite drink available from street vendors.

Thais prefer these drinks sweet to counteract the heat of spicy food. Happily, cane or palm sugar is used, not corn syrup. Fruit juices often get a pinch of salt, to cleanse the palate and restore the body’s electrolyte balance in hot weather.