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Japan is also called the land of the rising sun; it is pretty famous for its cuisine and other factors that have made of Japan an interesting island. Drinking is an important part of Japanese culture, being a way to relieve business stress, most of the times this is done in restaurants or bars.

Japanese people enjoy of a hang out after work if not 4 or 5 times per week at least three times, karaoke is really popular there and that accompanied with drinks and food come as a normal issue for them.  Japanese generally are not receptive to outsiders but they tend to be rather direct in their questioning.

There are a lot of manners while you are having a drink, such as never pour a drink yourself but always allow someone else to do it for you. Never look at the others when you are drinking, you must turn your body to the other side and drink without being seen. When toasting the glass is never left unfilled. Drinking from someone else's sake cup is considered a sign of friendship, or to honor someone of lower status. These are only a few of all the drinking Japanese manners.

Japan’s national drink is Sake but they also produce some other drinks such as plum wine and beer.