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Israeli Liqueurs


Sabra is the liquor from Israel. Sabra liquors are produced by Carmel Winery. There are two types:

Sabra Chocolate Orange Liquor: 

It is a liquor that combines chocolate, and zest of orange peel. The chocolate flavor is from a percolation of neutral spirit through ground roasted cocoa beans to which natural orange flavor is added. This liquor is presented in a geenie like bottle based on a 2,000 year old Phoenician wine flask found in a Tel Aviv museum. It is great as a mixer or as an after meal liquor.

Sabra Coffee Liquor:

It is a silky, smooth, with a toasty coffee flavor and hints of vanilla liquor, medium bodied and well balanced. It is made by a percolation of neutral spirit through ground coffee beans.

Hard Nut

Hard Nut is a walnut concoction from Eliaz winery.


Arak is an Arabic drink that is also commonly found in Israel. It is clear, aniseed flavored and similar to Ouzo or Pastis. It is served with water and as an ingredient for some cocktails. It is kept in the freezer like vodka.