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Israeli Beer


The most popular Israeli beer brands are:

  • Goldstar is Israel's leading dark, draft beer. It is a premium beer, developed in 1950, and defined as a Munich-style beer. Goldstar beer contains 4.9% alcohol and has a unique flavor and aroma particularly appreciated by the Israeli beer drinker. Goldstar Beer was awarded a large number of gold medals at the international Mondselection competition.
  • Maccabee is a pilsener, lighter and smoother than Goldstar. It has a light golden color, a unique taste and aroma and was enthusiastically received by Israelis and international beer drinkers.
  • Nesher is Israel's oldest lager beer. It is a light beer, containing 3.8% alcohol. Nesher beer, developed in 1935, the first beer to be produced in Israel, and is still sold to this day thanks to its good taste and popular price.

In addition, a wide varierty of international brands are available throughout Israel—some of them locally brewed. Among the most popular appear to be Heineken and Guinness.