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Israelis do not really have a drinking culture, but some drinks are essential for every meal or holiday such as the wine. Nightlife in Israel changes according to the events that jeopardize personal safety due to their problem with Palestine.
If there is stability and peace, Israelis like to enjoy a hang out. Israel's population is made up of Jews who have come from all over the world. There are nightclubs and discos in most cities, particularly Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that draw famous DJs. Rock, Jazz, Folk and Pop music clubs are located in all the main cities and resorts. Israeli folklore and dance shows can be seen everywhere, especially in the kibbutzim.

Although Israelis aren’t great drinkers, you will find all the familiar alcoholic drinks at the bars. In addition, you can buy alcoholic drinks at beverage stores and in the supermarkets, even though that way you miss the experience of sitting in a bar. The bars only open in the late evening hours, between 20:00 – 21:00, and Israelis tend to arrive only at 22:00. Consequently, evenings out last until the small hours of the night, a fact that should be taken into account when you go out drinking. Bars are open every day, but the main fun evenings are the weekends, from Thursday until Saturday.