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India, the country full of traditions, customs, and ideas; practice a variety of life styles; Indian food is worldwide famous but hardly many people know that India has a large number of drinks that are both unique and refreshing.

Drinking culture in India is strong. Although drinking alcohol was considered bad in many Indian ethnic cultures around the year 1000 AD, and the Islamic invasion had put a slight crimp on the festivities, there are tracks such as the collection of wine cups found, owned by the Emperor Jahangir, which shows that people from that Age did in fact consume alcoholic drinks before their moral policies.

At present, Delhi is the head city when it comes to the art of hanging out, delightful food and drinks are the ingredients that feature this city full of restaurants, and bars with a panoramic view of this vibrant city: Delhi.

The fact is that most of the year is hot and dry in India, reason their beverages tend to be light and fruity. Very few drinks are aged, most of them are drunk fresh. Freshness is always the focus, especially in rural locations where most of the traditional drinks are currently made.